петък, 1 април 2011 г.


I watch from my window day after day,
For someone may come to my door and say,
"I was just passing by on my way to the store,
I really meant to have called before."

"Oh, do come in and sit awhile!"
"Yes," she answers with a friendly smile.
"Perhaps a cup of tea and a little chat?
Won't you sit down? I'll take your hat."

I set the tray with special care,
Then tidy my apron and smooth my hair.
"What you've done to this house is such a delight.
And the flowers in your garden are a lovely sight!"

She sips her drink and smiles at me,
As warm and friendly as she can be.
We talk for awhile, then she has to leave.
I feel the urge to tug at her sleeve.

"Perhaps you could stay a wee bit more?"
But smiling, she makes her way to the door.
"Thank you for coming, now do take care!"
Then I set the tray down by the empty chair.

I watch from my window and hear myself say,
"Perhaps that will really happen today!"

By Theresa V. Meyer

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